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Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

There are many ways to prepare according to the Car Care Council, the consumer education program to encourage car owners to "take care of".

1. Check your battery. The cold weather is no friend of your battery to make sure you have a battery and charging system inspected and ready to go before the temperature drops.

2. Make sure that your cooling system is filled with antifreeze. Every two years, you also have to have the system flushed and refilled with fresh antifreeze.

3. Make sure your wipers are working properly and sharp enough to manage winter snow and mud. Make sure that you have a backup solution pot washing machine in your luggage.\

4. Test the heater and defroster to make sure you will not be stuck on a cold day without heat in your car, and a foggy window.

5. Ask your oil and filter change in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. For winter, consider winter to make oil added weight if you live in a very cold climate. Technicians who change the oil you usually check your air filter, fuel and transmission to ensure that they work properly.

6. If you need to focus, as is done before winter to minimize slow performance, the problem of unemployment and the difficult beginning.

7. Make sure your brakes are in good condition and, if necessary, replace the pads. Ensure good braking action is especially needed in winter. Cars with ABS brakes require different techniques from other brake systems.

8. Ask your technician to check your exhaust system to make sure it is stable and there is no leakage of carbon monoxide. Because you will be easier to park your car in the winter, carbon monoxide can leak in your car. To avoid problems with other deadly exhaust, ensure that the garage door is open if you warm up your car in the morning. A little known fact: most modern cars do not require warming up to start driving.

9. Check the condition of the tires before the winter to make sure they have enough tread and proper pressure. If you approach the place where you should replace your tires, consider doing so before the winter to facilitate driving. Throughout the winter, be sure to check the tire pressure. Depending on where you live, you might want to invest in snow tires with specific measures to better handle slippery roads. When checking tire pressure, do not forget the spare wheel.

10. Make sure all interior and exterior lights work well to warn other drivers of your presence and driving conditions when visibility can be difficult.

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